Designing Healthy Communities

Designing Healthy Communities

Redesigning and Restoring Our Built Environment

The Initiative

The Designing Healthy Communities Project produced its first Town Hall Meeting at WNET/Studios on April 30, 2013 for broadcast on three PBS tri-state stations in May.

This first major community engagement activity is derived from its four-hour public television series, Designing Healthy Communities, which is now being distributed to stations nationally.

The series, Designing Healthy Communities, examines the connection between poor community design and burgeoning health costs based upon key public health indices: obesity, diabetes, heart, asthma, cancer and depression, a concept first researched by Dr. Richard Jackson, a pediatrician-turned-public–health officer. The New York panel discussion will pick up the conversation about the common characteristics of unhealthy communities and how they can be changed with area experts.

Sixteen panelists, led by series host and narrator Dr. Jackson, discuss a variety of topics from the series, including: reliance on fossil fuel for navigation; limited walking space; lack of access to green parks, trails, and gardens; pollution and more. Discussion also touches upon the impact of recent events– like Superstorm Sandy– on the health of local communities. The two-hour recorded discussion is moderated by Mike Schneider, managing editor of NJTV’s weeknight news program, NJ Today with Mike Schneider.

Read the DHC Press Release April 26, 2013 here.

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Visit the MPC shop to purchase the Designing Healthy Communities: A NYC Town Hall Meeting. We have a variety of educational DVDs and videos for children, students, and teachers to enjoy. Our Vimeo page also features educational clips from these videos.

Funders and Underwriters

Major funding for the Project has been provided by The Kresge Foundation; additional funding by Cal Endowment, The Kellogg Foundation, American Institute of Architects, Gifford Foundation, Marisla Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The town hall production is underwritten by The Kresge Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Special Contributions Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation, the Laurie M.  Tisch Illumination Fund, and the Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation, Inc.

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