And Thou Shalt Honor

And Thou Shalt Honor

A Program About Caregiving and Caregivers

The ground­break­ing PBS spe­cial

Did you know that today, we have more par­ents to care for than chil­dren? Elder­care has replaced child­care as a lead­ing health­care issue.

The ground­break­ing PBS spe­cial And Thou Shalt Honor brings to light the chal­lenges fac­ing today’s care­givers. The strug­gles and rewards of care­giv­ing are given equal treat­ment in this inci­sive and thought­ful series. Sen­si­tively hosted by Joe Man­tegna, this spe­cial PBS Pro­gram of Note cel­e­brates the cir­cle of life. Not to be missed.

And Thou Shalt Honor is one two-hour pro­gram made for PBS about care­giv­ing and care­givers. The pur­pose of the pro­gram is to pro­mote aware­ness of the issue, pro­mote aware­ness of the needs of care­givers and pro­mote dis­cus­sion of the impor­tance of the issue before it becomes a national cri­sis. The pur­pose of the out­reach, pro­mo­tion, and com­pan­ion book is to stim­u­late action to address the needs of fam­ily caregivers.
The two-hour pro­gram includes sto­ries and illus­trates the plight of the care­giver through the expe­ri­ences of many care­givers from dif­fer­ent walks of life. The pro­gram is meant to be a lighen­ing rod to rally sup­port, raise aware­ness, and ener­gize a move­ment to change the fate of care­givers in this country.


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  • Beloved Strangers
  • In Sick­ness & In Health
  • Sep­a­rated
  • Respite Care: Care for the Caregiver
  • Spir­i­tual Caregiving
  • The Aging Game
  • The Green House Project
  • Voices from the Trenches
  • Every American’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Get­ting Around: Alter­na­tives for Seniors Who No Longer Drive

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What They’re Saying

“I…recommend this remarkable…program.  It spares us the usual mawk­ish super­fi­cial­ity of tele­vi­sion and pro­vides us with the real­ity of how our soci­ety treats and fails the nation’s care­givers and those they care for in about 23 mil­lion Amer­i­can house­holds.“
- News­day

“The strug­gles and rewards of care­giv­ing are given equal treat­ment in this thought­ful doc­u­men­tary.  It cel­e­brates the cir­cle of life.“
- LA Times

“Doc­tors and other health care providers can­not do the work of care­giv­ing, nor do they often or ade­quately edu­cate care­givers about their crit­i­cal role in the health care sys­tem. That’s why And Thou Shalt Honor is such an impor­tant con­tri­bu­tion to the field of care­giv­ing.“
– Howard M. Fil­lit, M.D., Exec­u­tive Direc­tor o the Insti­tute for the Study of Aging, NYC


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