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MPC Theater

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This month movie:

Johnny Cash and Me

Movie Synopsis:

In 1968, Harry Wiland, an MFA Student at Columbia University, had a dream: he loved Johnny Cash, the man, his music and his world; he wanted to be a film producer; he had grown up in Brooklyn where you learn to think outside of the box. Since no media was paying attention to Johnny at the time, why not propose a film project, because “you never know.” Within a week of writing a very naive letter to Johnny; he got a call from the man himself. Johnny invited him to his home in Nashville. Harry borrowed some money for the weekend airfare. Johnny shook his hand, saying “My word is my bond. We don’t need a contract.” And the project was launched. All Harry had to do, having never made a film in his life, was to find the bucks and the people who would show him how to make a movie.