The 2043 Project

A Media Pol­icy Cen­ter / Black­side Part­ner­ship on Human Rights

We are pleased to announce The 2043 Project, A Media Pol­icy Cen­ter / Black­side Part­ner­ship on Human Rights.

EYES ON THE PRIZE is the most crit­i­cally acclaimed doc­u­men­tary about Civil Rights in Amer­ica. The 1987 series pro­filed key peo­ple, his­tor­i­cal places and piv­otal events in the Civil Rights move­ment between 1954–1985, weav­ing con­tem­po­rary inter­views with archival footage. EYES ON THE PRIZE revealed how the strug­gle for Civil Rights could open doors to a more inclu­sive and uni­ver­sal Human Rights evolution.

In the Amer­ica of 2013, accel­er­ated by forces of tech­nol­ogy and demog­ra­phy, new dynam­ics appear in the unfold­ing paths toward racial and cul­tural par­ity. We need to— and can— tell these sto­ries as they develop.

Where EYES looked back­ward at some 30 years of our Civil Rights strug­gle to bring it to the present, THE 2043 PROJECT will look at the present through the eyes of the next 30 years of our future; where EYES was pri­mar­ily based on archival footage, 2043 will be con­tem­po­rary and dig­i­tally inter­ac­tive; where EYES told sto­ries only for broad­cast, 2043 will dis­trib­ute a much wider range of media on dig­i­tal devices and plat­forms, for all gen­er­a­tions, to achieve greater con­nec­tions among indi­vid­u­als and communities.

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An invi­ta­tion to par­tic­i­pate in a national dia­logue for new lead­er­ship…
Con­tent: The week­long National Com­mu­nity Out­reach Event hon­or­ing the 50th anniver­sary of the suc­cess­ful pas­sage of Civil and Vot­ing Rights leg­is­la­tion inau­gu­rates THE 2043 PROJECT. Re-Boot The Dream: A Week of Remem­brance, Reflec­tion, and Look­ing For­ward… with an Action Plan… will take place July 2–8, 2014. Selected episodes of Eyes on the Prize, with Dis­cus­sion Work Book, can be the cen­ter­piece of the week.

Time­line: A work in progress. Check back soon!
Bud­get: A work in progress. Check back soon!

Con­tent: A two-hour tele­vi­sion spe­cial, based on Nick Kotz’s page-turning book, JUDGMENT DAYS, that describes how Lyn­don B. John­son and Mar­tin Luther King, Jr. wres­tled to enact the Civil Rights and Vot­ing Rights acts in 1964 and 1965, with help from Robert F. Kennedy and Sen­a­tor Everett Dirk­sen… how can we learn from their expe­ri­ence today?
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Time­line: A work in progress. Check back soon!
Bud­get: A work in progress. Check back soon!

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Con­tent: A RIGHT TO RISE, a feature-length doc­u­men­tary for movie the­atres and online on-demand video stream­ing, will send mul­ti­ple crews around the coun­try to ask how the civil rights rev­o­lu­tion has changed indi­vid­ual lives. From Pres­i­dent Barack Obama to those enter­ing Kinder­garten and cel­e­brat­ing MLK Day for the first time, our cam­era crews will ask our cit­i­zens how they have been—and are being—affected by the hope and real­ity of MLK’s “I Have A Dream”.  We will pro­file the most com­pelling sto­ries, weav­ing con­tra­pun­tal archival mate­ri­als as appropriate.

Time­line: A work in progress. Check back soon!
Bud­get: A work in progress. Check back soon!

Con­tent: THE 2043 PROJECT SERIES will focus on the chang­ing demo­graph­ics in Amer­ica. The sto­ries pro­duced about indi­vid­u­als, com­mu­ni­ties and groups will be based on research and evolv­ing analy­sis from the inter­con­nected worlds of eth­nic­ity, eco­nom­ics, demog­ra­phy, edu­ca­tion, immi­gra­tion, gen­der, cul­ture, media, pol­i­tics, and pub­lic pol­icy. The Series will illu­mi­nate the per­son­al­i­ties and the dynamic forces form­ing new elec­toral majori­ties press­ing for greater demo­c­ra­tic change. The con­tent will be repur­posed for NPR and online on-demand video dis­tri­b­u­tion. The series will most likely be in a mag­a­zine for­mat avail­able in broad­cast mode and through video stream­ing. Each seg­ment will be uploaded into shorter dig­i­tal mod­ules best suited for view­ing on cell phones, ipads, and computers.

Time­line: A work in progress. Check back soon!
Bud­get: A work in progress. Check back soon!


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